In 2010, Bunge hit the road with a tradeshow booth like none other. Capitalizing on one of the biggest restaurant trends in recent memory, Bunge Oils became the first foodservice manufacturer with a mobile food truck.
Bunge M.O.E. Truck
Chef Zack preparing food in the Bunge M.O.E. truck. Chef Zack sharing food with students outside the Bunge M.O.E. truck.
Photos of the Bunge M.O.E. chef, food and people having a good time.
Roasted tomatoes salad. BBQ sweet potato ribs.
Side of the the Bunge M.O.E. truck.
Students enjoying food in front of the Bunge M.O.E. truck. Bunge M.O.E. sous chefs preparing food.
Tour M.O.E. with Oil Expert Chef Zach
Chef Zach with assistants preparing food in the Bunge M.O.E. truck.
Safely fry a turkey with Chef Zach
Chef Zach shows you hot to safely fry a turkey.
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Mar 22-25, 2015

Restaurant Leadership Conference

J.W. Marriott, Scottsdale, AZ

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M.O.E. has been everywhere! We have visited two countries, 26 states and over 50 cities; from Harrowby, Manitoba
to Hollywood, California. We’ve cooked at over 129 events and served over 50,000 customers.
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