Calling All Travelers, Check Out Google’s Auto-Translated Local Reviews

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Go where the locals go. You’ve probably heard that travel tip from almost everyone who has been on holiday to a foreign country. But, how exactly will you know what and where these local-approved spots are? Of course, you can ask a local, but it will be a definite challenge in countries where people don’t speak much English.

Perhaps, Google caught wind of this dilemma that is common to travelers. The most popular search engine recently announced that it is updating its search and Maps services with a small (but significant for you, travelers) improvement— auto-translated local reviews.

Google’s Update: Auto-Translated Business Reviews

With this update, it will be easier for you to find the best restaurants, shops, or attractions at your next travel destination. Just search for the place on Google and look for business reviews written by locals, which you will quickly understand because the new feature will automatically translate the language to match the setting on your device.

In the past, you’d have to copy and paste reviews onto a translation app, such as Google Translate, before you could have an idea as to why locals gave a two-star review to a popular tourist spot in their country, for instance. Not so, now. Google’s new update will surely make your travel planning faster and easier.

But… Will The Translation Be Accurate?

Using A.I. technologies, Google has been augmenting its language translation platform. Just two months ago, Google Translate expanded to support more languages, including Hindi, Russian, and Vietnamese. This is in addition to the languages Google is currently supporting: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

With A.I. technology, Google aims to understand languages better— that is to say, the way a native speaker would use a particular language. Instead of translating sentences word-for-word, Google’s A.I.-powered translation platform looks at the sentences as a whole. In turn, it can more accurately translate the thoughts of a local review.

Google’s auto-translated local reviews are currently rolling out on mobile and will be live, worldwide, soon enough. If you’re a traveler (or a digital marketer targeting travelers), watch out for any updates about this new Google feature — and make sure to use it once it’s out!

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