Gaining Online Influencers Through Marketing Strategies

Gaining Online Influencers Through Marketing Strategies

Having a well established network of influencers that can help promote your brand is a good card to have when going up against your competitors, but it’s not exactly a commodity that’s easily gained overnight. Gaining influencers can be hard, and it will involve a lot of networking in the part of a marketer; there are smarter ways of gaining influencers to talk about your business. And a computer accessories retailer in Manila seems to be in the right track in cultivating their relationships with their target audience.

Traditional Transitions to Digital: A Bloggers’ Treat to Tech and Cinema

This blog post recaps an event that was done on March 18th, by PCWorx, where Bungemoe was invited to attend to view and participate in discussing  digital strategies marketing with them. The event involved inviting the local technology and gaming bloggers to review and talk about the new products that they are marketing to their audience. The event was very straightforward, they met with bloggers and gamers and showcased their top next gen hardware, they gave all of them enough time and attention by chatting with them and have them play around with games on the new ASUS Desktop (powered with Asus Prime 7270-A, Intel Core i7-7700k, Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070), and they treated them to a private viewing of Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast. They also gave out merchandise for the gamers and tech experts that attended.

Desktop Launch


End Game is Still Online

Events like these do not come cheap, but the influencers gained from these types of events should be able to develop great branding and should create a good amount of buzz, rewarding their efforts both in retail sales and in digital marketing. This type of strategy might not apply to all kinds of businesses as influencers may not be as established in your area, not to mention the costs to get an event like this set up, for those cases, traditional outreach may be more applicable as a method of gaining influencers.

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