Preying on Easy Dupes: Protecting Your Organization from Cyber Criminals

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Millions of cyber criminals and spammers are hard at work. They are testing the strength of your organization’s cyber security, looking for a chink in your armor where they can launch their attacks. Sometimes, they don’t even have to search for a weak spot in the system; they just create one, instead. To gain the information they need to bypass your cyber security system, they simply have to get employees to download a corrupted attachment or click a malicious link. Hackers also have other avenues where they can wreak havoc online, such as social networking sites, phone calls, and emails — all without raising any red flags.

In light of the ingenious ways cyber criminals can conduct attacks, companies should, therefore, make security a business-wide responsibility. What are some of the strategies attackers use to target employees, that companies should watch out for, then?

Social Networking

Social networks are at a high risk of cyber security threats. LinkedIn is one of the biggest sources of wealth for hackers because the platform allows users to expand their network while putting them at risk of connecting with people they don’t know. On a similar vein, Twitter also carries a great risk of social engineering since attackers can send direct messages to users in ways that seem legitimate even when they aren’t.

Impersonation and Identity Theft

With access to a few social networks, attackers can put together a full picture of a person’s life. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can reveal almost everything about an individual including their family, interests, music, and favorite restaurants. This leaves any employee vulnerable to impersonation since a hacker can easily create an account and pretend to be someone they’re not.

Voice Phone Solicitation

Otherwise known as “vishing,” voice phone solicitation is a cheap, yet dangerous technique used by cyber attackers to target their victims. Through a simple phone call, attackers do what they can to learn more about a client and their internal systems to know where to spot red flags. Vishing poses a huge problem for companies since they’re often hard to detect. Attackers establish a rapport with their victim, making it sound like a normal conversation.

Awareness of the potential strategies hackers make use of to target employees is a must. At Bungemoe, our digital marketing blog covers a vast range of topics to keep readers up-to-date with the latest news in the industry and stay safe from potential cyber attacks.

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