What SEO Strategies Remain Dominant in 2017?

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It’s almost the middle of 2017. By this time, several of last year’s SEO tricks may no longer work. Professionals have to consider how fast the field moves, including the techniques and tools that go with it. Some strategies, however, continue to stand the test of time. For this year, the key to a successful SEO campaign is a more mixed approach, both for professionals and businesses.

Mobile Browsing as the Standard

For sure, mobile search and browsing practices aren’t likely to die soon, as a lot more people are consuming digital media on the go through their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Mobile-optimized websites and pages must be the norm now among businesses. Websites should be readily available on all mobile platforms and problems such as slow loading times and incomplete pages/options must be a thing of the past.

No More Pop-Ups

The year ushered in a new set of search algorithms that is affecting many advertising strategies. For instance, Google is already penalizing websites that use pop-ups to promote their products and services; these diminish the user experience, particularly on mobile.

The update has been in effect since January, so it should be ingrained in everyone by now. Businesses crafting a fresh SEO strategy should consider this and all other additional algorithm updates that are expected to roll out later this year. Perhaps it would be best to anticipate updates that focus on improving semantic searches.

Intentional Link Building Gains Ground

Link building remains a good SEO strategy despite its relative age. According to research firm Stone Temple, links can do much more than was initially assumed. Google itself also considers links among the three major ranking factors. The other two are content and RankBrain. Experts advise, however, that links are almost useless if the content behind it is irrelevant. Otherwise, link building is an excellent tool.

Voice Search Is the Future

You surely know what (or ‘who’) Siri is. Apple’s digital assistant, along with the Microsoft counterpart Cortana, is touted as today’s earliest working example of how voice search might work. It would be best to anticipate further improvements in voice search technology.

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